Gogol Bordello Non-Stop won the MusiXine International Music Film Contest

Gogol Bordello Non-Stop (USA 2008), a film by Margarita Jimeno, won the MusiXine main price of 5,000 euros, donated by the Oulu Music Video Festival.

The jury watched 7 Music Documentaries in the competition. The jury claimed that all the films were of high quality, full of interesting characters and all so different it made the choosing difficult. Music seems to be much more than just rock'n'roll stars.

The jury consisted of three members; Johannes Klein, the head of the Jury and the International Programming Coordinator of the In Edit International Music Documentary and Film Festival in Barcelona; Jouko Aaltonen, a Finnish director specialising in documentaries and Laura M. Kiralfy, a manager of Filmkontakt Nord Nordisk Forum for Co-Financing of Documentaries during Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival.

The review of the jury:

"Energetic, rough and dynamic just like the band the film is portraying.

Margarita Jimeno was able to follow the band from their early years to the beginnings of their international break through. The band is an unlikely mix of people of all ages and different nationalities, who come together to enjoy the freedom of music, with Eugene Hütz at the center drawing in both the audience and the people around him with his contagious energy. Margarita managed to not only portray a band but also the social aspects of being an immigrant and taking the possibility to play with identities. Also the film is fresh, enjoyable and punk."

Special mention was given to Solo (Poland 2008) by Maciej Pisarek, who with his film boldly mirrors the experimental modern Music created by his main character.

The International Music Film Contest MusiXine was organised for the third time as a part of the Oulu Music Video Festival.

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